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Atiq Raza Chief Executive Officer

Atiq Raza is the Chairman & CEO of Virsec Systems, Inc. Atiq is an industry veteran and has been working in engineering leadership and senior management positions for the past thirty-two years.

He was the founder, Chairman and CEO of RMI which was acquired by NetLogic which in turn was acquired by Broadcom on the strength of the RMI processor. Earlier, Atiq was Chairman and CEO of NexGen, the first company to challenge Intel in microprocessors. NexGen became a public company and was subsequently acquired by AMD. Atiq became the President and COO of AMD and served on its Board of Directors.

Atiq holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics from Punjab University, a B.S. with Honors in Electrical Engineering from the University of London, and an M.S. degree in Materials Science & Engineering from Stanford University.


Virsec secures corporate applications by delivering the fastest and most accurate attack detection and prevention method without using signatures, behavioral heuristics or pattern matching. For each web or binary application that is protected, Virsec’s technology automatically creates AppMap™ that tracks unexpected departures from legitimate runtime execution paths and user inputs.

Real-Time Microsecond Detection of Known and Unknown Zero-Day Attacks