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Erez Podoly Founder, Slive

Dr. Erez Podoly, Ph.D., is the founder of Slive Inc., a stealth-mode, VC-funded, company developed while Entrepreneur in Residence with Artiman. Erez aims to impact healthcare through technologies that monitor signals of diseases and other physiological conditions. Prior to joining Artiman, Erez founded and was CEO of AcheroMetrics Ltd., a developer of real-time pain monitoring technology.

Erez has B.Sc. in Chemistry, M.Sc. in Biochemistry (Cancer research) and a combined doctoral degree in Neurobiology and Structural Biology (Alzheimer’s research) – all from the Hebrew University. At Stanford University, with Dr. Roger Kornberg (Nobel laureate in Chemistry), Erez did postdoctoral research (nano-chemistry and electron microscopy) and taught Business and Entrepreneurship at Stanford's SPCS Program. He is the co-author of peer-reviewed papers and book chapters, and the awardee of fellowships and other scholarships of excellence for his scientific achievements.


A stealth company that is focused on revolutionizing healthcare.

Akhil Saklecha Partner

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A stealth company that is focused on revolutionizing healthcare.