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zSpace - Mind-Blowing 3D Display

Dec 26, 2012

Locker Gnome, Ron Schenone -- December 26, 2012 -- The creative talents at zSpace have introduced a revolutionary way to combine the physical world with the world of virtual reality. This improvement in 3D technology will improve the way we can solve our problems, teach one another, learn from each other, and communicate effectively in our world of today. By using new computer hardware and new state of the art software, zSpace has created a true 3D user experience.

So who are the people behind zSpace and what are their founding principles? Check out this video from Mike Vesely, founder InfiniteZ, the creator of zSpace.

About Infinite Z from zSpace on Vimeo.

Tracking a user’s eye and also hand motions, a 3D image is adjusted so that the image is presented in real-time. The effect is said to be stunning. It is not like a 3D video that is seen at a movie theater or on a 3D HDTV, but you can actually move your head around the image. One can also view the image from the top or bottom as well. What is amazing is that the user experiences a correct perspective, no matter how the image is viewed.

Though a user does need to wear a pair of 3D glasses to generate the image, this is where the similarities end and real 3D viewing begins. As your head, eye, and hand motion is constantly tracked, the image takes on a life of its own. The built-in infrared light keeps each eye in focus to perspective as you change your point of view.

Fortunately, the company also has a video on its website that explains what zSpace is all about and how it functions. The video is self-explanatory and illustrates how zSpace will change the way we all interact with our computers. Take a look at the video and see what you think: zSpace — A Virtual-holographic Experience from zSpace on Vimeo.

This is an amazing merging of hardware and software that will bring to the user a new perspective of what 3D rendering should be. So how much is this extraordinary hardware and software going to cost? The price is going to be $3,995, but if you join the developer program, you can get it for only $1,500.

In my opinion, this is absolutely awesome and is a gigantic leap into the future of 3D. One could picture an Internet experience where we could float around in a 3D environment. The possibilities are endless and I am sure that some big company like Google or Facebook will want to scoop this technology up for itself.

What do you think?

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Source: zSpace