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Virident Systems and Colfax International Deliver Customized Server Solutions Tuned for High Performance

Jun 05, 2012

MILPITAS, Calif., and SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 5th, 2012) - Virident Systems, a performance leader in flash-based storage class memory (SCM) solutions, and Colfax International, a leading provider of innovative and expertly engineered workstations, servers, clusters, storage, and personal supercomputing solutions, today announced a strategic partnership and the availability of custom-designed high-performance server solutions for enterprise customers. The custom-designed servers will feature high-performance processing from Colfax’s extensive line of server solutions, and Virident’s FlashMAX high capacity PCIe storage class memory solutions delivering unconditional performance.

Customers in the defense, aerospace, energy, government, education, finance, manufacturing, digital media, Web 2.0, and scientific research industries will benefit from the high-performance processing and storage performance of the server solutions. For example, a computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) application will return stress, fluid, or material analysis results much quicker than before possible, and create time for additional queries. Any applications running on Oracle, MySQL, or SQL Server will run faster with custom-configured server solutions from Colfax featuring Virident FlashMAX SCM solutions, which are able to support the ever-increasing capabilities and speeds of multi-core processors, the influx of big data, and demands for application performance.

“Virident’s and Colfax International’s customers fit a similar profile,” said Kumar Ganapathy, CEO of Virident. “We both cater to large enterprises where unconditional, peak performance is critical to their business. Our joint solutions are ideal for high-performance applications based on Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server databases.”

“Colfax International chose Virident because of the unconditional performance characteristics of FlashMAX for high-performance applications,” said Gautam Shah, CEO of Colfax International. “We are confident that Virident FlashMAX will be an excellent complement to our product portfolio because our customers rate top performance as their measurement for success.”

Virident FlashMAX, a PCIe storage class memory solution, ensures that application performance is 10 times faster than hard disk drive systems at one-third of the total cost of ownership. FlashMAX offers the industry's highest storage capacity in the smallest footprint while delivering twice the performance of competing solutions. FlashMAX SCM has been designed from the ground up to fully exploit today’s computer architectures which leverage many fast CPU cores and the PCI Express interconnect bus to deliver maximum application performance.

High-performance server solutions are available in a wide variety of custom configurations from Colfax International and Virident. For more information contact Virident at or (408) 503-0100; contact Colfax International at or (408) 730-2275.

About Colfax International

Colfax International is a global provider of customized workstations, servers, clusters, storage and personal supercomputing solutions. Founded in 1987, Colfax International is based in Sunnyvale, California and is privately held. For more information, please visit

About Virident Systems

Virident Systems enterprise-class Storage Class Memory (SCM) solutions deliver unconditional, consistent performance that supports the most data-intensive content and applications. The inherent advantage associated with this disruptive technology revolutionizes computing by speeding application response time and optimizing datacenter efficiency for new levels of ROI. Virident Systems is backed by strategic investors, Intel®, Cisco® Systems and a leading storage hardware and software solutions provider, as well as venture investors Globespan Capital Partners, Sequoia Capital, and Artiman Ventures. For more information, visit

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