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Vail Systems Deploys Virident FlashMAX to Deliver Real-Time Billing

Jun 19, 2012

MILPITAS, Calif., June 19th, 2012 - Virident Systems, a performance leader in flash-based Storage Class Memory (SCM) solutions, announced today that Vail Systems, an enhanced network services provider, has purchased the Virident FlashMAX™ solution to improve the response time of its customer-care database. Vail System's clients base their customer care on its hosting solutions, but existing hard disk drives were unable to support the desired response time to customer queries regarding billing records. With FlashMAX, response time has dropped from an average of five seconds to real time: as low as 500 milliseconds.

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Vail Systems processes more than 48 million billing records a day. Vail Systems handles its customer billing records database in a Microsoft SQL Server, but the company's usage model made it difficult to maintain high performance with the system's hard disk drives. Each billing-record call created multiple sequential database writes that blocked read access until they were completed, and billing-record writes add more than 4.5 GB to the database each day. Client queries required significant disk access because the server's memory could not handle random access across the whole database. The databases are mirrored for redundancy, but while redundant writes occurred, they effectively blocked read operations.

“We needed to eliminate the disk-drive bottleneck without changing the architecture of the billing system or the customer-care interface," said David Fruin, Vail Systems' vice president of engineering. "Re-engineering the billing system on a No-SQL solution wouldn't achieve these goals. We found that upgrading to Virident's FlashMAX boards dramatically increased performance without requiring us to make any other changes. And the improved performance has helped us differentiate our offerings as a competitive advantage.”

Replacing the hard disk drives with Virident FlashMAX has provided Vail Systems with many benefits:

  • The provider expects its improved billing system will be able to service two to four times more clients.

  • Overhead of client-query performance on the SQL server is down by more than 50 percent.

  • Database load capacity has doubled, allowing Vail Systems to store more billing records for clients to use as trending data.

  • Hard drives had been a significant source of downtime; Vail Systems expects the Virident flash-based solution will improve the reliability of its systems and services.

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