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Tail Toes Eyes Ears Nose by Auryn, Inc. – iMums Review

Jun 29, 2012

iMums - June 29, 2012 By Amanda

Tail Toes Eyes Ears Nose by Auryn Inc. is a charming book app aimed at children 2-5 that helps them learn to recognise different parts of the body on animals and humans. Originally a print book written by Marilee Robin Burton, it has made a successful transition to digital which opens up a whole new world of interactivity, much to the delight of children that love the printed version. Familiar animals such as a horse, pig, mouse, cat, dog, rabbit and more are depicted throughout the book which has a riddle-type element to it. Each page begins by showing just the animals tail, toes, eyes, ears and nose with the main part of the body missing so the reader must guess the animal in question.

The app features simple animations and basic navigation, easy enough for the intended age group to use, and offers three ways to experience the story. With “Read myself” mode chosen, there is no continuous narration and the user can simply touch the various parts of the animal to have them read aloud and once all the body parts on a page have been touched, the animal is then revealed. In “Read to me” mode, the user will have the story read aloud with the narrator identifying the body parts until the whole body is revealed and the user can then swipe to move to the next page. “Auto play” will also be read aloud in the same fashion except once the animal is revealed, it will move to the next page automatically. To return to the home screen, the user must finish the story or swipe to the very end so perhaps a button to easily return to the home screen would make a great update.

Tail Toes Eyes Ears Nose is an entertaining and enjoyable way for children to learn body parts and is sure to captivate early readers and non-readers alike. The real highlight of this book is the young narrator with his hilarious animal noise interpretations. He manages to have all three of my boys and I in hysterics each time we read the story. The app contains no advertisements or social links but does include an ‘Information’ button on the home screen that links to your Auryn Library and other Auracle titles available for purchase from the App Store. The app is very reasonably priced and is worth a purchase for the giggle factor alone! Check out the iPad lite version for yourself.

Our Rating:4/5
Requirements:Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Cost:iPhone AU$1.99 (10.2 MB) – iPad AU$1.99 (10.4MB)

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