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Smart Cities project: Dell EMC, Prysm come together to offer solutions

Mar 23, 2017

Smart Cities project: Dell EMC, Prysm come together to offer solutions.

Mohd Ujaley – Financial Express – March 23, 2017 4:02 AM – Companies across sectors are identifying ways to benefit from India’s Smart Cities project. While most are convinced that the initiative can generate opportunities for their organisation, no one has all the products and solutions for it. And that is why collaboration seems to be a key factor in their strategy. Cloud-based digital canvas collaboration provider Prysm is one such firm which is partnering with technology giant Dell EMC to jointly pitch Smart Cities solutions to government organisations.

Under this partnership, while Prysm will contribute command and control centre implementation and dashboards for the smart cities identified by the government, Dell EMC will bring its core ICT infrastructure like storage, compute and network to provide end-to-end solutions to Smart Cities command centres.

“Dell EMC will bundle Prysm solution in the Smart City ecosystem solution and Prysm will position Dell EMC core ICT infra along with the solution offering. Also in some business opportunities, we will jointly approach the clients,” Ravinder P Singh, director, strategic and mega business for public sector, Dell EMC said.

Prysm is a San Jose, California based company. It offers a combination of display solution and software suite for digital collaboration. Its display solution, based on the laser phosphor display (LPD) can be customised to provide large displays ranging from 65-inch LCD to custom made LPD collaboration display walls. The company sees huge opportunity for its display solution in managing command and control system in these smart cities and other bigger government projects.

“Our large format content collaboration and mobile solution will allow smart cities to have individual dashboards for each of the utilities and provide an opportunity to consolidate all utility parameters into a single, unified dashboard, in real-time. It will allow stakeholders to carry this dashboard experience in their laptops, tablets and mobile devices,” said GB Kumar, vice president, APAC, Prysm.

Basically, Dell EMC’s Smart City Partner Ecosystem is a network of organisations with technology expertise to address the Smart Cities opportunity in India. Established in June 2016, this network brings together players offering different solutions and capabilities to help in the execution of Smart Cities and IoT projects. Currently, the network has 21 partners and is already executing key projects in this space.

“While Dell has the competencies to develop a strong digital blueprint and foundation for the smart cities, our partners bring expertise of applications for enablement of smart services,” said Singh, adding that the partnership is currently focused on addressing opportunities in India.

Last month, the urban development ministry had asked authorities to set up command control centres in all smart cities to enhance safety and security, improve efficiency of municipal services and promote better quality of life.

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