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Prysm next-gen technology makes European debut

Jan 31, 2014

January 31, 2014 – Zoe Mutter – AV Magazine – Prysm will be on hand to present its next-generation of LPD technology at ISE 2014, with emphasis on ease of integration with other technologies to create collaboration experiences.

The Prysm booth, 11-F52, will feature a 4.6m x 1.5m video wall offering a fully interactive collaboration solution. It will be integrated with various technologies to include audio, touch, windowing, telepresence and more – with live demonstrations of all features throughout the three-day event.

“Our new plug-and-play concept has proven to be a hit with the corporate world,” said Amit Jain, Prysm’s chief executive officer and co-founder. “As the need to collaborate across the globe increases, so does the need to provide a fully immersive experience that will increase the effectiveness of meetings and maximize productivity. Our solution, along with complementary products from companies including Cisco, RGB, Wow and Anacore, makes this possible.”

The Prysm demonstrations at ISE will include the managing and sharing of video, web apps and user-generated content on a fully touch-enabled digital canvas. Content can be resized, moved and windowed all from the collaboration video wall. Visitors to the Prysm booth will be able to literally get a hands-on experience with the display.

Laila Hede Jensen, director of sales – Europe, Russia & Africa for Prysm, explained: “The combination of LPD with other leading-edge technologies makes for a solution that is second to none for the collaboration market. Further, LPD technology’s inherent advantages in image quality and sustainability continue to make Prysm a top choice for corporate lobbies, auditoriums, broadcasters, retailers, and command and control centres.  It’s a true testament to the versatility of LPD technology and its ability to provide tremendous value across a broad spectrum of use cases.”