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Pricelock Launches a Free Online Community for Energy Professionals, Pricelock Connect

Jul 09, 2013

BusinessWire--July 09, 2013--REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--Pricelock, the most innovative platform for energy professionals to transact and connect, today announced the launch of Pricelock Connect. Connect provides energy professionals with a free service to network and find counterparties based on their product interests, to enable buy and sell transactions for all types of energy products and services. Pricelock Connect also has over 25,000 jobs targeted for energy industry professionals.

In working with energy buyers and sellers of all sizes, Pricelock realized that there was no place for people to go to easily find potential counterparties to connect and transact. Even when people know the parties, it takes a fair amount of effort to reach out to all of them to know who is buying or selling at any given time. Pricelock Connect was created to fill that gap. Connect allows people to communicate and transact with other energy professionals by creating a profile, posting energy needs or capabilities, searching listings and members.

"Energy professionals like to help each other and are always looking for ways to get better deals. Pricelock Connect allows them do this more efficiently. Pricelock Connect enables transactions, bridging a gap that’s left by communities like LinkedIn who are unable to do so. We have integrated the transactional simplicity of sites like Craigslist and Alibaba into our community making it a very valuable way for enabling energy transactions," Naveen Agarwal, CEO of Pricelock explains. "We look forward to helping energy professionals leverage Pricelock Connect to network, find new career and business opportunities, and build their professional brand."

Pricelock Connect is open to all energy professionals and is free. To join, visit

About Pricelock

Pricelock allows energy professionals to transact energy products online, connect with other professionals based on their interest in buying and selling specific types of energy, and to recruit talent and find jobs. The platform supports transactions for all energy products and services including motor and jet fuels, physical natural gas, storage and capacity, power generation and capacity, railcar leases and coal. The largest utilities, power cooperatives, power generators, investment banks, refiners, producers, marketers, transportation, industrial and commercial firms participate on the platform. Pricelock’s mission is to provide liquidity for energy products not traded on an exchange.