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Nissho Electronics (U.S.A.) Selects Kaybus to Share Business Critical Knowledge Across Global Management Team

Jun 03, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, June 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/  - Today Kaybus, the only provider of a comprehensive Knowledge Automation platform, announced that Nissho Electronics (U.S.A.), is leveraging Kaybus to automatically share business critical knowledge across several members of its parent company's (Nissho Electronics Group) management team. Using Kaybus, Nissho USA gathers information on various technology providers and shares that information with 9 of Nissho's offices in Japan, as well as sister company offices in both Vietnam and Indonesia. Kaybus allows Nissho USA to share information via a central repository, and tag and distribute the information automatically so it surfaces to the right employees across various offices.

Nissho USA, based in San Jose, Calif., serves as the U.S. presence for Nissho, an IT systems integrator, and seeks to find new innovative companies with best-in-breed technologies to introduce to Nissho's customers in the Japanese and Southeast Asian markets. It's imperative that the company share company data and market trend information effectively and quickly from its Silicon Valley office, so its Asian teams have the most up-to-date and accurate information. Using Kaybus, Nissho has a single repository and source of truth for verified, up-to-date information across all of its offices. The Silicon Valley team can add information to Kaybus and tag based on content specifics. The Japanese and Asian management team receives just the relevant information they need for increased efficiency and optimized business results.

"Before Kaybus, we were using email to share information between our offices," said Manabu Nitta, president of Nissho Electronics (U.S.A.). "Information would get lost and employees in international offices weren't fully-benefiting from the knowledge our Silicon Valley office had to offer. Kaybus changed all of that, allowing us to share information across offices intelligently. Employees get just the information they need automatically, and nothing they don't. We're using it across our management team and it's fundamentally changed how we work for the better."

Success and Expansion

Given its initial success, Nissho USA is now also using Kaybus to share, distribute and personalize other critical information across its employees. Nissho USA is using Kaybus to distribute its internal documents, such as employee handbooks and schedules authorization information. Nissho USA is also using Kaybus to share key strategies and information from Nissho Electronics in Japan with the U.S., team, to help them understand customer needs and demands in the Japanese market. This knowledge is stored in a central repository and tagged so knowledge is surfaced to the specific employees that need access to it.

"Nissho USA is a great example of a forward-thinking company that can use our technology to optimize its workflows across various aspects of its organization," said Seenu Banda, founder and CEO of Kaybus. "The company's life blood is in information and expertise, so sharing and surfacing knowledge to employees effectively is critical. Given its global, 24/7 work cycle, Kaybus is having a significant impact on how Nissho shares information and gets work done."

About Nissho Electronics Group

The Nissho Electronics Group ("Nissho") is composed of Nissho Electronics Corporation ("Nissho Electronics") and its several subsidiaries including the Nissho Electronics Vietnam Company Limited, P.T. NE-InfraCell Technologies based in Indonesia and Nissho Electronics (U.S.A.) Corporation ("Nissho USA"). Nissho principal role is to provide Japanese and Asian markets with new products that apply leading edge technologies in a range of fields combining advances in information, telecommunications and electronics.

About Nissho Electronics (U.S.A.) Corporation

The mission of Nissho Electronics (U.S.A.) Corporation, a subsidiary of Nissho Electronics Corporation, based in Silicon Valley, is to identify new potential strategic U.S. partners and to communicate business development opportunities to the company's U.S. partners and their Japanese and Asian counterparts.

About Kaybus

Kaybus provides a SaaS based Knowledge Automation platform that transforms an organization's content into a single source of truth by automating the distribution of usable and useful knowledge to target individuals based on their specific needs. Through the use of advanced semantic analysis, behavior pattern mining, detection of conceptual topics and usage patterns, Kaybus's mission is to enable all employees to operate at their highest level by eliminating the gap between what people know and what they should know.

Kaybus has received $11 million in funding, led by Artiman Ventures, and has 65 employees. For more information, please visit

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