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Looxcie Brings The Road Trip Home

Jan 06, 2012

MSN Autos - By Ian Rowan January 6, 2012 - As an adventure travel motorcyclist I like to broadcast my trip to family and friends via travel blog. Early on in my adventures I found that people respond much more to pictures than words -- and that's even more true of video.

On my last trip, four years ago, my brother and I set off from Los Angeles on two motorcycles with the intention of making it to the southernmost point of the Americas. We called our trip ‘Not The Motorcycle Diaries’. Three months into the trip I was hit by a car and my motorcycle broke in half. And caught on fire. Sadly, that part of the trip is not on video, but there are some funny photos. My brother cared for me until I could walk again, and then he took off for Ushuaia, Argentina.

Lately I’ve been thinking about making a trip down to Ushuaia to pick up my brother’s motorcycle that he left down there after finishing his epic trek. So I’ve been looking around to see what’s on the market for video cameras that can withstand the rigors of the road. Good news: the world of automotive-specific video devices has expanded significantly.

For a more instantaneous -- and slightly less expensive -- video broadcasting experience, there's the Looxcie wearable wireless video streaming device. Essentially a Bluetooth headset with a camera, the Looxcie instantly streams 480p video to your smartphone (currently via a free app for iPhone or Android). Unobtrusive and sleek, the Looxcie doubles as a hands-free headset in addition to letting you stream video directly online. At $149, the Looxcie is a great deal with 5-10 hours of video storage, 320p or 480p video capture, Bluetooth 2.1, and 2+ hours of battery life. There’s also a really cool continuous video capture mode that will automatically record the previous thirty seconds, for when something unexpected happens (like being hit by a car.)

Additional mounting accessories are available, including the car visor mount for $29.99. For amateur enthusiasts who want the experience of being coached through the turns at Laguna Seca or Sebring International, the Looxcie is a low-cost, high-output device that will do just that, plus record and stream your runs, to boot. The good news is that it looks like I’ll be able to capture my next trip in full HD.