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Kaybus Announces Knowledge Automation Platform Integration with Salesforce Sales managers and representatives can track content effectiveness with new content sharing innovations

Sep 01, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Kaybus, the only provider of a comprehensive Knowledge Automation application, unveiled its integration with Salesforce to provide opportunity specific sales recommendations and customer service information from across the enterprise. Now sales and service representatives can view and understand their company's relationship with a client by pairing native Salesforce customer information with other targeted and specific knowledge from the enterprise.

By leveraging the Salesforce native application, Kaybus' Knowledge Automation platform can be accessed from within the Opportunity Tab and presents the most relevant and up-to-date sales and marketing collateral to individual sales reps based on the specific sales opportunity being viewed, the current sales stage and other information that has been customized to a customers' Salesforce configuration. It also allows sales managers and representatives to track how effective enterprise content is by measuring which knowledge their sales reps have shared with their clients or prospects, how much of it they have consumed and when they read the shared content.

"Kaybus allows our sales team to find the right training, collateral or proposals, spanning organizational silos and freeing up information sharing in our business," said Mark Mulder, chief sales officer at Salmat. "The Salesforce integration requires no additional logins or training; it just serves real-time, dynamic knowledge to the salesperson from within Salesforce. Kaybus' smart algorithms deliver knowledge proactively—contextually relevant to the opportunity type and stage in the sales process. It's like someone turned on the light switch."

Whether online or mobile, Kaybus ensures employees can view and share relevant knowledge with their prospects from anywhere, anytime. This seamless integration means employees continue to operate from within the Salesforce application, and by surfacing opportunity-specific knowledge, Kaybus creates consistency across an entire business' customer relationship interactions and opportunities. It also reduces the amount of additional training for sales and service reps by delivering the same relevant, current information to new employees, bringing them up to speed in less time.

"This is a significant milestone in improving the sales effectiveness of large, distributed sales teams," said Seenu Banda, Kaybus CEO. "By integrating with Salesforce, we're helping our customers increase sales opportunities and decrease the time to close deals, eliminating knowledge gaps and reducing time spent searching for information."

In addition to Salesforce, Kaybus integrates with a number of other content repositories across the enterprise, including SharePoint, Confluence, Wiki, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Outlook and enterprise file share drives.

About Kaybus

Kaybus provides a SaaS based Knowledge Automation application that transforms an organization's content into a single source of truth by automating the distribution of usable and useful knowledge to target individuals based on their specific needs. Through the use of advanced semantic analysis, behavior pattern mining, detection of conceptual topics and usage patterns, Kaybus' mission is to enable all employees to operate at their highest level by eliminating the gap between what people know and what they should know.

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Phone: 415-299-6370