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InvenSense Sets a New Industry Benchmark with the World’s Smallest Six-Axis Integrated MotionTracking Device

Jul 10, 2012

SUNNYVALE, California, July 10, 2012 – InvenSense, Inc. (NYSE: INVN), the leading provider of MotionTracking™ devices for consumer electronics, today introduced the MPU- 6500, the company’s next-generation 6-axis MotionTracking device for smartphones, tablets, wearable sensors, and other consumer markets. The MPU-6500, delivered in a 3x3x0.9mm QFN package, is the world’s smallest 6-axis MotionTracking device and incorporates the latest InvenSense design innovations for MEMS 3-axis gyroscopes and accelerometers, enabling dramatically reduced chip size and power consumption, while at the same time improving performance and cost. The new MPU-6500 addresses the market requirements for highperformance applications such as pedestrian navigation, context-aware advertising, and other location-based services, along with supporting the specifications for emerging wearable sensor applications such as remote health monitoring, sports and fitness tracking, and other consumer applications. The MPU-6500 MotionTracking device sets a new benchmark for 6-axis performance with nearly 60% lower power, a 45% smaller package, industry-leading consumer gyroscope performance, and improvements in accelerometer noise, bias, and sensitivity.

“We are committed to advancing the Motion Interface market by bringing new innovations with higher performance, smaller package size, lower power consumption, and lower overall solution cost,” said Steve Nasiri, CEO and founder of InvenSense. “InvenSense is the market pioneer and technology leader for MEMS-based Motion Interface solutions and has a long history of delivering ‘world’s first solutions’ and leading-edge technology. We are pleased to deliver another breakthrough product to the market which resets the standard for 6-axis size and performance.”

MotionTracking devices like the MPU-6500 are a key component in consumer electronics as they provide an intuitive way for consumers to interact with electronic devices by tracking motion in free space and delivering these motions as input commands. Most consumer electronics manufacturers also prefer “turnkey” MotionTracking devices like the MPU-6500 as these fully integrated devices simplify design-in efforts, accelerate time to market, and enable software developers to easily adopt Motion Interface functionality in their applications. Key benefits of fully integrated MotionTracking devices includes smaller size, lower power consumption, simplified product qualification and inventory management, and guaranteed performance through precise sensor alignment, sensor calibration, and fully optimized MotionFusion™.

The single-chip MPU-6500 integrates a 3-axis accelerometer, a 3-axis gyroscope, and an onboard Digital Motion Processor™ (DMP) in a small 3x3x0.9mm QFN package. The new 6- axis device is the world’s first motion sensor to operate at 1.8 volts and consumes only 6.1mW of power in full operating mode; it incorporates breakthrough gyroscope performance of only ±5dps zero-rate-output and 0.01dps/√Hz of noise; and delivers improved accelerometer specifications including typical 250µg/√Hz of noise, and only 18μA of current in low-power mode. The MPU-6500 software drivers are fully compliant with Google’s latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean release, and supports new low-power DMP capabilities that offload the host processor to reduce power consumption and simplify application development. The MPU-6500 is sampling now to selected customers with mass production slated for Q4 2012. For additional information please visit our website at or contact InvenSense Sales at

About InvenSense

InvenSense Inc. (NYSE: INVN) is the leading provider of MotionTracking™ solutions for consumer electronic devices in the world. The company’s patented Nasiri-Fabrication platform and patent-pending MotionFusion™ technology address the emerging needs of many massmarket consumer applications such as, improved performance, accuracy, and intuitive motion- and gesture-based interfaces. InvenSense technology can be found in consumer electronic markets including smartphones, tablets, gaming devices, optical image stabilization, and remote controls for Smart TVs. InvenSense is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California and has offices in China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and Dubai. More information can be found at