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Guavus launches NetReflex for Mobility: a Big Data decisioning application to aid mobile operators in more timely & intelligent decision making for 4G Deployments

Dec 06, 2012

San Mateo, CA— December 6, 2012—Guavus, a leading provider of Big Data analytics solutions, today announced the global launch of NetReflex ™ for Mobility, a network decisioning application that enables communication service providers (CSPs) to analyze petabytes of data across multiple disparate silos for more efficient network operations, capacity planning and 4G deployments. The NetReflex decisioning application, which is integrated on the broader Guavus Reflex platform, provides valuable multi-dimensional analytic insights into: network behaviours and traffic; device usage trends; subscriber behaviour; and web and non-web data consumption and content. These valuable insights allow mobile operators to maximize cost savings, deliver a better consumer experience and improve network performance and utilization.

“4G has the potential to be a real game-changer for operators, but only if it’s executed right,” said Anukool Lakhina, CEO and Founder of Guavus. “To ensure that operators are making the most of their investment, they need data. These insights can help them to identify the lessons that can be learned from 3G; which customers are most likely to move to 4G; which are the biggest data consumers; which applications consume the most bandwidth; how much of that traffic is the result of video; and where these customers are geographically concentrated – helping to identify new revenue opportunities by device type and so much more. To ensure a return on investment, operators need this information to accurately forecast capacity requirements and put in place profitable pricing tiers linked to customer consumption. This is just one example – there are a multitude of applications in which Guavus can provide business value. Essentially, if you have the questions, Guavus can mine the data to give you the answers.”

The Guavus NetReflex application uses streaming analytics to deliver up-to-the-minute insights, fusing and mining data streams across a range of data sources, using network traffic structural analysis; statistical analysis; behavioural patterns and clustering; trending; outliers; anomalies; and forecasting techniques. These insights are presented to users through an intuitive graphical user interface, providing multiple views of structured and unstructured data across the network, which allows users to compare performance of multiple parameters over a range of timeframes. The dashboards provide an end-to-end view of network parameters in near-real time, so that operators can drill down into specific data events and make timely decisions on how resources are deployed and used. Users can also output data into a PDF or CSV file format for incorporation into other software application programs for further analysis or presentation purposes.

With the introduction of Guavus NetReflex for Mobility, Guavus is able to provide CSPs a suite of packaged dashboards with pre-built intelligence for even faster speed to deployment and analytic insights. These dashboards have been created in response to Guavus’ six years’ experience working with operators to provide access to information that is specific to network operations across network, device, content and subscriber analytics.

“Having worked with some of the largest operators in the world, we know the right questions that operators should be asking of their data,” Lakhina continued. “NetReflex for Mobility draws on this experience to pre-build intelligence into the solution, meaning operators do not need data scientists to understand the insights hidden in the data. The Guavus Reflex platform continually analyzes data in near-real time; offering speed to information and ensuring that when an operator needs to make a decision they have the right data at the right time and in the right context to make the right choice. NetReflex for Mobility is just one of the solution suites that expands on the Guavus Reflex platform to provide more intelligent and timely decision-making. The Reflex platform also supports decisioning applications for marketing, customer care and security analytics.”

About Guavus

Founded in February 2006, Guavus has been built from the ground up to unlock the value of operational, sensor and network-generated Big Data to reduce the economic and technology risk associated with deploying a traditional business intelligence solution. Guavus Big Data analytics solutions, which are based on pioneering patent-pending technology, include the Guavus Reflex ™ platform integrated with a suite of analytics applications that enable intelligent and timely decision-making. Two of the top three mobile operators and backbone carriers in the United States utilize Guavus Big Data analytics solutions to control costs, maximize profits and deliver an enhanced end-to-end customer experience. The company is headquartered in San Mateo, CA with research and development offices in Gurgaon and Ahmedabad, India and is funded by Intel Capital, Artiman Ventures, Sofinnova Ventures and private strategic investors. For more information please visit us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.