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Guavus Launches Big Data Platform for Telcos

Dec 06, 2012

Mobile Marketing, Dec 06, 2012 -- Guavus, a provider of dig data analytics, has launched a global solution for mobile operators that want to make the most of the vast amounts of information generated on their networks.

NetReflex for Mobility enables telcos to analyse the big data they have in different business areas – including from routers, their billing, security and customer care systems, and mobile towers - to help then plan for future usage. They can also bring in data from third parties – including demographic data and credit history.

Looking at network behaviours and traffic across different countries, device usage, subscriber behaviour and web and non-web data consumption, Guavus says, ensures mobile operators can see where and how much capacity is needed. The solution, which analyses information in near-real-time through data streaming, is intended to deliver cost savings, a better consumer experience and improve network performance.

Personalised data packages

With the introduction of 4G, the company hopes to help operators learn their lessons from 3G, identifying which customers are most likely to upgrade, who consumes the most data, which apps take up the most bandwidth and how much traffic is from consumption of rich content.

“4G has the potential to be a real game-changer for operators, but only if it’s executed right,” said Anukool Lakhina, CEO and founder of Guavus. “To ensure a return on investment, operators need to accurately forecast capacity requirements and put in place profitable pricing tiers linked to customer consumption. This is just one example - there are a multitude of applications in which Guavus can provide business value. Essentially, if you have the questions, Guavus can mine the data to give you the answers.”

Top three US carrier on board

Guavus was founded in 2006 by Lakhina, who first studied for a PHD in Data Science in the US before working for Sprint Labs and Intel Labs to start addressing big data problems for telcos. Intel is now one of the company's investors.

The company spent two years building the Guavus technology, working with carriers to solve problems by creating research and development partnerships. They now work with three of the top five mobile carriers in the US, including Sprint, as well as two of the top five fixed line providers.

NetReflex for Mobility packages up the technology created in the US for international clients, taking language differences and cultural habits into account. Insights are presented on a dashboard through a visual user interface, with multiple views of structured and unstructured data so users can compare performance of multiple parameters over a range of timeframes.

Data is gathered from network traffic structural analysis, statistical analysis, behavioural patterns and clustering, trending, outliers, anomalies and forecasting techniques.

M2M and marketing apps planned for 2013

There will be a series of apps rolled out through the first half of next year, including packages that help mobile operators to provide better marketing on mobile based on the data they hold.

Guavus is also working on a number of M2M data solutions, including providing a proof of concept for a large haulage company in the US that is looking to create efficiencies and improve safety among its fleet of lorries.