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GE Showcases Prysm Video Wall in New Customer Experience Center

Oct 22, 2012

October 22, 2012 09:01 ET - SAN JOSE, CA --(Marketwire - Oct 22, 2012) -- Prysm Inc., a video-display provider offering brilliant life-like and life-size displays for truly immersive experiences, announced today a Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) installation at GE's new Grid IQ™ Innovation Center in Markham, Ontario. Established more than 130 years ago, GE's commitment to quality and innovation has helped it become one of the premier energy management providers in the world. Prysm's highest-resolution LPD technology serves as the centerpiece of the Customer Experience Center at the facility and features display technology that delivers stunning life-size images at the lowest possible cost of ownership and environmental impact, which underscores GE's commitment to both technological excellence and energy savings.

The Customer Experience Center uses Prysm's immersive user experience to connect with its key constituents to drive product awareness and educate customers. The Markham installation features a 180-degree curved interactive video wall with content and imagery showcasing GE's full suite of energy management products through an unforgettable digital experience.

Prysm's LPD technology gives designers the freedom to create video content in any shape, size or format. GE's video display consists of hundreds of integrated tiles providing a seamless, rounded interactive experience measuring 40' wide by 10' tall. Prysm's award-winning LPDs inherently deliver a uniform picture quality over life and offer contrast, fill factors and the fast response time required to deliver brilliant video solutions. Prysm displays are also the world's greenest, designed to decrease energy costs while simultaneously providing an unparalleled viewing experience for customers.

Prysm's exclusive Canadian distributor, APG Displays, was integral to the installation of GE's new video wall. APG excels in providing solutions for a variety of commercial markets by staying ahead of the curve in the way audiences interact with digital content and offering new ways to engage with it.

Supporting Quotes

"Prysm's technology has evolved into a true business driver for our Fortune 2000 customer base. Companies require new innovative ways to deliver targeted messages to their many audiences and Prysm delivers in an unforgettable visual manner," said Amit Jain, CEO and founder of Prysm. "We are truly excited to be part of GE's legacy and help promote its long-standing brand. GE provides energy for millions of customers, and by using Prysm, it is able to bond with both present and future clients alike; something all large companies strive to do."

"Working closely with Prysm, the Customer Experience Center came together flawlessly," said David Weatherhead, VP of APG Displays. "Prysm's latest solution offers free-form flexibility and life-like imagery that will engage audiences in this unique, educational setting. Built on solid-state lasers, the displays deliver crisp, clear video viewable from 178 degrees and are built to last. Our joint customers also enjoy the extreme power savings LPD offers compared to traditional backlit or projector screens."

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About Prysm Inc.

Prysm Inc. is a video display provider that offers brilliant life-like and life-size displays for truly immersive experiences. The privately held company invented a new large format commercial display platform based on its proprietary Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology. Traditional technologies such as projection, PDP/plasma, LCD, and LED cannot compare to LPD's brilliant uniform picture quality delivered in any shape, size and viewing angle. Prysm's LPD video display solutions meet the highest environmental standards using less power than traditional technologies. Leading brands in retail, financial services, technology, and media as well as government organizations use Prysm's displays. Fortune 2000 companies use Prysm's solutions to form deep connections with customers, communicate with their remote employees, boost their brands, and generally 'wow' their audience.

Prysm is a privately held company based in Silicon Valley, California with a growing global sales and support network designed to meet the demanding requirements of our worldwide enterprise customers.

About APG Displays

APG Displays is a specialist Canadian distributor of videowalls and large format displays. APG excels in providing solutions for a variety of commercial markets by staying up to date with the way people interact with digital content and offering new ways to engage with it. In today's technologically advanced world, it is important to maintain a personal touch by allowing people to interact more intimately with each other from virtually anywhere in the world.

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