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Chuggy and The Blue Caboose by Auryn Apps

Jun 27, 2012

Chuggy and The Blue Caboose by Auryn Apps - iMums Review June 27, 2012 By Mary

Chuggy and The Blue Caboose is based on the print book of the same name by Lydia and Don Freeman, author of the Corduroy books, and it is brought to the app store by Auryn apps. It is available in both HD (iPad only) and universal versions. This charming story can be enjoyed in read to me, read myself or autoplay modes, and the words are highlighted as it is read. As well as enjoying it in its original form you can personalize it – this option allows you not only to record your own narration but also to change the text too. When an image is touched it is labelled and the word spoken, you can also touch a word to hear it spoken.

This story was originally published in 1951 and is currently out of print, the original illustrations give it an old-fashioned feel, but that just adds to it’s charm. Lucy is a blue caboose, she was once part of a circus train, but years before she had come loose and was left standing alone on a siding near a busy rail yard. All the other cabooses made fun of her for being different – for who has ever heard of a blue caboose? She has just one friend – Chuggy, an old-fashioned little engine who works in the train yard switching, hitching, pushing and pulling the freight cars. Chuggy is lonely too- the other engines laugh at him and call him old-fashioned ,even though he once was a snow plough train in the Rocky Mountains. One harsh winter Chuggy is very pleased for his friend when Lucy gets turned into a club car for the switchmen, and she is lit up and in use again. When a heavy snowfall, comes the railway grinds to a halt until Chuggy saves the day, the other trains now see him as a hero instead of a has-been. When the winter is over, their friend Mitch the Switchman finds Chuggy and Lucy a new home as part of a circus train and they chugg on happily ever after.

I really enjoyed this story, it has a lovely feel to it, I originally chose it for my train crazy son, but it has a much wider appeal than that – it is a great story for any kid. As well as being a story about trains it is a story about friendships, accepting differences and realizing that everyone has their own role to play. The word highlighting as it is read, word association and personalization options are all great features to encourage children to read and get involved in the story. I would highly recommend this book.

Requirements: Chuggy and The Blue Caboose HD: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Cost: $3.99 (78.7MB)
Requirements: Chuggy and The Blue Caboose: Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Cost: $3.99 (78.5MB)

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