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CellMax Life Receives Grant from Taiwan Government for CTC Cancer Early Detection System

Jun 14, 2017

Non-invasive Cancer Screening Investment Furthers CellMax's Precision Oncology Testing Leadership 

Sunnyvale, CA – June 14, 2017 – CellMax Life, the precision cancer testing company, today announced it has received a $NT 23 million grant from the Taiwan Government Industrial Development Bureau(IDB) Ministry of Economic Affairs. CellMax Life will use the grant to accelerate the automation and world-wide commercialization of its proven early cancer detection circulating tumor cell (CTC) proprietary CellMax CMxTM platform.

The prestigious IDB grant is awarded to a few selected companies, following an extensive application and review process involving experts from industry and academia. The grant is a key tool in the Taiwan government’s plan to accelerate development of high value-added technology.

“This is additional recognition that our CTC Technology is enabling early cancer detection in the high-growth cancer diagnostics area,” said Atul Sharan, president & CEO of CellMax Life. “We are thankful to the IDB for their proactive investment, which will help CellMax become a world leader in this important sector.”

Sharan continued, “These funds will allow CellMax Life to more rapidly expand availability of its CTC CMxTM platform throughout the world, enabling affordable and frequent screening to reduce cancer mortality.”

CellMax CRC Screening for Early Cancer Detection

CellMax Life provides clinically-proven early cancer detection using next generation technology to detect circulating tumor cell biomarker in the blood. CTCs enable the earliest possible cancer detection, as they are precursors to circulating tumor cell DNA (ctDNA) biomarkers.

CellMax CMxTM platform has been clinically proven on thousands of patients, and is initially being applied to the CellMax-CRC Colorectal Cancer early detection product, with a goal to improving CRC screening compliance for the high-risk population and those over age 50.

For high-risk patients, the clinical studies showed that approximately 90% of the time, the CMxTM Platform correctly identified the patients who had colorectal cancer.

Additionally, by offering an affordable, high accuracy, non-invasive blood test as an early warning system, CellMax hopes to tangibly increase the early-stage detection when cancer is most curable. The same technology will be applied to other cancers as development continues. For more information, please visit CellMax-CRC colorectal cancer screening.

About CellMax Life

CellMax Life, Inc. is a precision cancer blood-testing company providing comprehensive, personalized multi-biomarker technology platforms for genetic cancer risk assessment, early detection and personalized treatment of cancer. CellMax Life’s products include CellMax-DNA Genetic Cancer Risk Test, CellMax-LBx Liquid Biopsy, and CellMax-CRC Colorectal Cancer Screening. For more information, please visit,, or call +1 650-564-3905 (U.S.), or (+886) 0800-555-885 (Taiwan). Offices are at: 1271 Oakmead Parkway, Sunnyvale, CA 94085 and 18F-1 Park Street, Nangkang, Taipei City.