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AurynCam is now CamVas – FREE Photo Editing App

Jul 05, 2013

AurynCam, a photo editing / rendering app that transforms ordinary pictures into extra-ordinary Works of Art, now has a new Avatar – “CamVas

CamVas opens up a new world of breath-taking mobile artistic expression by providing more visual effects and features than any other app in the market today.

Utilizing state of the art technology, gorgeous changes to your images are implemented directly on your phone, right before your eyes.

Now anyone can easily create art, wherever they are!

CamVas offers:

  • High-resolution rendering *New*
  • 26 rendering effects to convert photos into works of art, including watercolor, pastel, colored pencil, stained glass, “blue-print”, etc.
  • 24 other effects including color palettes and filters. Unlike other apps, you can layer multiple filters on to an image for unlimited combinations.
  • 16 different options for frames.
  • 7 pre-selected crop ratios, and in case a specific ratio or size is desired, there is also a manual/user-defined cropping option.
  • 29 ways to blend two pictures to combine them in fun ways. A slider bar allows you to decide which image gets the most precedence by adjusting the percentage to take from picture 1 versus picture 2 to create your final blended masterpiece.
  • Share your digital creations with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr right from the app.

Available on the App Store today for Free. Download the iOS version today at

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