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Auryn offers Summer Reads through The Review Wire

Jul 06, 2012

The Review Wire: Summer Reads by Dena On July-6-2012 -- I was recently introduced to Auryn apps when I had the chance to review the iPad apps Edsel McFarland New Car and The Emperor’s Race. Auryn offers a series of books based on the character Miko. The app is based on Brigitte Weninger and Stephanie Roehe’s book by the same name, and illustrated by Stephanie Roehe. All the stories revolve around Miko, his mother and Miko’s stuffed toy, Mimiki.

It was me, Mom!

” - Miko wants to see how far his new ball will bounce, but when it bounces right into Mom’s favorite vase, he knows he’s in trouble. What should he do? When Mom comes home, Miko decides that maybe telling the truth won’t be so bad after all. -Miko “

Mom, Wake up and Play!

” - It is the first of the famous Miko series. Miko is wide awake and ready to play, but Mom wants to sleep longer. What can Miko do until her alarm rings? find out how he can pass the time until she’s ready to join him? -Miko “

No Bath! No Way!

” - After Miko’s exciting day, the last thing he wants to do is wash away all the fun things he did! Mom says he doesn’t have to take a bath-but then he will have to endure tickley clothes, sticky ice cream on his face, and sleeping on the hard floor! How far will Miko go to remember his special day? -Miko ““

Double Birthday!

”” - It’s Miko’s birthday, and he’s as excited as can be. It’s also his friend Mimiki’s birthday, but Miko is the only one who gets any presents. Miko would like to share with him, but it isn’t so easy to find something Mimiki can play with too. How can they have fun with the toys together to make it the best double birthday ever? -Miko"

Wants a Dog

” - Miko wants a pet dog more than anything. His friend Mimiki will pretend to be a dog for a little while, but he won’t go on a leash. Mama says Miko will have to wait until he’s older. He’s so disappointed, until he hears barking from the next door neighbor’s yard, and Miko gets the chance to prove how good he can be with a dog. -Miko"

Goes on Vacation

” - Miko, Mimiki, and their Mom are off to the beach for a vacation. It’s his first trip, full of new sights and surprises. But the beach is full of strangers, and Miko doesn’t want to leave little Mimiki all alone when he goes in the water. Find out how Miko can enjoy swimming so Mimiki won’t be upset. -Miko"

Where is Mimiki

” - Miko is upset. His little friend Mimiki has disappeared! Or could he just be hiding? Miko searches everywhere, but Mimiki is nowhere to be found! Can Miko ever find his friend, and can Mom help make sure that he never gets lost again? -Miko

Moves Out

” - Whenever Miko wants to play, his mom has a million other things she wants him to do first. Finally, she interrupts his playtime for the last time. Miko is fed up and decides to move out."

There are three ways to read the books.

  1. “Read to me” – Listen to the narrated story while the text is displayed Karaoke style. After the narration finishes on a page the child can interact with objects till they are ready to move to the next page.
  2. “Read myself” – There is no narration but the child can touch a word to hear it being spoken aloud.
  3. “Auto Play” – same as “Read to Me” except the page advances automatically once the narration is finished. Useful for those long car rides when you want the child to have a complete book experience.

All the Miko apps are available for iPhone, iPad and HD Lite and run $2.99. With the lite version, you are only able to preview a few pages of the book.

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