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Aditazz Announces The Patient Mobility Platform To Improve Healthcare Outcomes

Oct 04, 2012

SAN BRUNO, Calif., Oct. 4, 2012 --PRNewswire -- Aditazz announced a strategic partnership with inventor Roger Leib to jointly develop and market the Patient Mobility Platform, a suite of mobility products conceived and designed by Leib, founder of Develop, LLC. Aspiring to revolutionize healthcare delivery and enhance patient outcomes, the platform will enable patients to recover faster than currently possible in hospital settings due to introduction of mobility and assisted rehabilitation at an earlier stage of treatment.

"As a healthcare design and construction firm integrating new design, technology and manufacturing methodologies, Aditazz shares Leib's commitment to changing the current sedentary patient care model to one based on active patient mobility to improve outcomes," said Dan Pittard, CEO of Aditazz.

The current system relies on the patient recovering in a bed-centric environment dependent and supported by expensive equipment. Prolonged hospitalization periods frequently breed an unintended consequence of illnesses and injuries covering the gamut from infection and muscle atrophy to depression and an inability to carry out basic functions towards recovery. The detrimental effects ultimately contribute to the mounting healthcare expenses feared by healthcare providers, insurance companies and individuals.

The patient mobility platform is comprised of two component systems: A mobile support system and a power assisted chair. Primarily, the patient gains greater comfort, efficiency, and dignity since the system facilitates greater movement between bed, chair, and toilet. The chair enables an upright position for extended periods of time giving confidence to the patient to actively engage in his surroundings and reducing caregiver burden in providing assistance. With the integration of the mobility platform and care environment, the patient has increased flexibility to pursue recovery options that enable active participation to rapidly regain control of his environment.

The partnership with Develop, LLC demonstrates Aditazz's continued commitment to improving healthcare facilities and outcomes. The close collaboration with Leib and Develop, LLC. contributed to Aditazz emerging as a co-winner of Kaiser Permanente's 2012 'Small Hospital, Big Idea' design competition."Together, we aim at nothing less than revolutionizing our present sedentary care model," Leib said.

About Develop, LLC

Develop, LLC is a new company through which Roger Leib, AIA, ACHA and his associates will keep developing products that have made him a visionary and leader in the conception and design of healthcare furnishings. An architect, former CEO and healthcare product manufacturer, inventor, and product designer with over 30 patents, Leib brings to his work a combination of skills unique in the industry.

Leib's ideas have been widely published in government proceedings, professional journals, and trade publications. As a member of the American Institute of Architects, the American College of Healthcare Architects, founding former board member of the Center for Health Design, member of the FGI's Health Guidelines Revision Committee of the AHA, and member of the team creating ANSI-BIFMA standards for healthcare furniture, Leib continues his long participation among a core of "thought leaders" in the healthcare design industry.

Leib's design awards have dominated his industry. His leading-edge products have been included in Smithsonian and other museum exhibits, and most importantly, can be found in virtually all of the best hospitals in the country.

About Aditazz

Aditazz designs and delivers next-generation healthcare facilities by integrating new design, technology and manufacturing techniques. Based in Silicon Valley, the company brings together experts and innovations from the worlds of semiconductor design, computer science, architecture, systems and structural engineering, modular manufacturing and assembly, and healthcare planning and operations. It has created a new generation of tools and technologies that results in dramatic increases in building construction speed, flexibility, predictability, cost-savings and ultimately improved healthcare – all while maintaining the highest degree of aesthetic and functional elegance. Aditazz received funding from Artiman Ventures and is co- winner of Kaiser Permanente's 2012 'Small Hospital, Big Idea' design competition. For more information, please visit

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