Ajit Singh

Intersection of Digital Health and Diagnostics: Opportunities for a Better Future in Healthcare

By March 8, 2016

The digital health and diagnostics sub-sectors of the healthcare industry are the spaces to watch this year. Both areas are ripe for rapid growth as multiple technologies mature and intersect…

Tim Wilson

What, How and Who: Pitching your Startup to Investors

By February 3, 2016

After 15 years on the investor side of the table, I have seen/listened/read thousands of pitches and presentations. Every entrepreneur believes they are answering the same questions: the who, what,…

Brian Wilcove

What VCs Want in 2016

By January 18, 2016

— Brian Wilcove, Partner, Artiman Ventures, comments to Entrepreneur on sectors that excite VCs most — and those likely to score major financing in the months ahead. — Michelle Goodman – Entrepreneur –…

Tim Wilson

What Technology Would You Un-Invent?

By November 4, 2015

— Tim Wilson, Partner, Artiman Ventures, comments to The Atlantic on what innovation [he wishes] could go back in the box. — Hearing from the leaders of the tech world is…

Amit Shah

Narendra Modi signs US tech deals

By September 27, 2015

— Amit Shah, Partner, Artiman Ventures, comments to The Financial Times on investing and entrepreneurship in the Indian tech market — Leslie Hook – Financial Times – September 27, 2015…

Ajit Singh

Diagnostics: The intersection of Investment, Access and Innovation

By September 25, 2015

A discussion with Ajit Singh of Artiman Ventures, Trevor Hawkins, Ph.D. of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics and Ken Song, M.D. of Ariosa Diagnostics Copyright 2015 Sloan Partners.  All Rights Reserved.