About Us

Artiman is an early-stage sector agnostic venture fund with offices in Silicon Valley and Bangalore. We are seeking to invest in entrepreneurs building white space companies that have the potential to create or disrupt multi-billion dollar markets. As former entrepreneurs, we bring empathy, curiosity, passion, experience, and (occasionally) patience to the table. As investors, we bring capital plus access to a network that reflects the diversity of the firm and our portfolio. Artiman was founded in 2001 and has over $1 billion under management.

White Space Investments

Our job is to find and back entrepreneurs that have an ‘unfair’ advantage in creating or disrupting large markets. White space opportunities occur infrequently and typically at the intersection of multiple disciplines, markets, and geographies. We cast a wide net to select those teams that can realize that potential.

White Space

We invest in founders solving hard technology problems that can create or disrupt large (>$10B) markets. We are sector and technology agnostic.


We are looking to lead/co-lead Series A rounds, investing $2-6M initially and $8-25M+ over life. Occasionally, we do seed investments in entrepreneurs we know well and sometimes make later-stage investments in teams we wish we had met earlier.


Our network reflects the diversity of our portfolio investments. We span across multiple disciplines, geographies, industries, and academic institutions. Our all partners have startup experience.

How We Work