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    Short Message on Social Distancing

    Isolation also gives us opportunity for more meaningfull engagements - with our current and future portfolio companies

    We invite you to engage - from wherever you are. Stay safe!

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    What if

    screens are no longer flat and we can use interactive virtual reality to pick something out of your screen and place it on your hand?

    zSpace changes the future with screen based VR
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    What if

    you could virtually live in a building – with all its functionality – then build it 30% faster, with 10% less capital?

    Aditazz helps build the new world
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    What if

    we use resistors instead of transistors to enable a terabyte of flash memory to fit on a postage stamp?

    Crossbar changes the world of flash
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    What if

    we make any type of content available on any size of screen via the cloud to change the way the world collaborates?

    See Prysm’s technology at work

The pandemic ‘unicorn’: Canadian startup dependent on...

May 05, 2020