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George Minassian Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Dr. George Minassian has been a co-founder and CEO of Crossbar since 2010. A seasoned veteran of the semiconductor memory industry, Dr. Minassian brings 25 years of experience in systems, logic design, new business development, and product development. Over his extensive career, Dr. Minassian has a proven track record of developing commercially successful, leading-edge products.


Crossbar Inc., the leader in RRAM technology, is widely accepted as the frontrunner to replace traditional Flash technology in future storage systems. Delivering terabyte storage on a postage stamp-sized chip, with power low enough for massive adoption throughout the Internet of Things, Crossbar RRAM is easy to tailor for a broad range of applications. From embedded memory on SOCs for wearables, to very high density SSDs for cloud data centers, Crossbar is ushering in a new era of storage innovation.

Tim WilsonPartner

Tim Wilson focuses on early-stage technology investments and currently represents Artiman on the Boards of Crossbar Semiconductor, Kaybus, Mossey Creek Technology and Prysm. Tim's previous investments include InvenSense (NYSE: INVN), Five9 (NASDAQ: FIVN). Teknovus (acquired by Broadcom), Schoolfeed (acquired by United Online) and Ario Data (acquired by Xyratek).

Yatin Mundkur Partner

Yatin Mundkur focuses on early-stage Technology and Medtech investments. As a Partner of Artiman Ventures, he is currently on the Boards of Cellworks, Prysm, Virsec, Yantra and zSpace. Yatin holds an impressive 14 patents in areas of computer architectures, digital consumer electronics, semiconductor design, and software.

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