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Yatin Mundkur Partner, Artiman Ventures CEO, Cellworks

Yatin Mundkur focuses on early-stage Technology and Medtech investments. As a Partner of Artiman Ventures, he is currently on the boards of Cellworks, Prysm, Virsec, Yantra and zSpace. Yatin holds an impressive 14 patents in areas of computer architectures, digital consumer electronics, semiconductor design, and software.


Cellworks is a life sciences technology company that improves clinical outcomes and creates value for pharma, payors and physicians. Cellworks does this through computational modeling, simulation and annotation of tumor genomics for clinical therapeutics predictions.

Cellworks can

  • Identify patients who will respond or not respond to a specific treatment
  • Design patient specific cocktails of existing FDA approved agents for unmet treatment needs
  • Identify predictor bio-marker signatures (companion diagnostics) for a drug agent to target clinical trials to the right patients
  • Identify novel target indications for a drug – for drug rescue and repositioning

Yatin Mundkur Partner, Artiman

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Building Precision Cancer Therapeutics