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Robert Ferris Chief Executive Officer

Robert Ferris, Ph.D., specializes in advanced materials commercialization. He has held a number of roles in both small and large organizations, including product management, marketing, corporate strategy, corporate acquisitions, venture capital, and process automation.

He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University, a doctorate in Materials Science Engineering from Duke University, and an M.B.A. from The Fuqua School of Business.


Adama Materials makes a novel toughening agent for fiber reinforced composites using custom nanomaterials synthesized on a graphene oxide scaffold. Our additives can double impact and fatigue resistance without compromising other composite properties like strength.

Amit Shah Partner

Currently on the boards of Adama Materials, Aditazz, Auryn, CellMax Life, Guavus, Kaybus, Niron Magnetics and InvenSense. Amit Shah is peerless in creating globally renowned businesses. A successful serial entrepreneur, Amit founded two companies Zeitnet (acquired by Cabletron) and PipeLinks (acquired by Cisco) before founding Artiman Ventures. Over the years, he has led investments in companies such as Everest Design Automation (acquired by Synopsys), IKANOS (Nasdaq: IKAN), iManage (Nasdaq: IMAN), Lightwire (acquired by Cisco Systems), Netscaler (acquired by Citrix), Sierra Design Automation (acquired by Mentor Graphics), Tavant (acquired by Ameriquest).

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