Artiman Portfolio - Current Investments

Artiman | zSpace

zSpace, formerly known as Infinite Z, is a leading-edge technology provider that enables natural interaction with virtual-holographic 3D imagery through its flagship product, zSpace®. Targeting markets including manufacturing, architecture, engineering, government, medical and research, zSpace aims to accelerate design and development processes and increase productivity through 3D visualization. Join the Developer Community that is leading the way in 3D innovation by visiting

Artiman | Yantra

Yantra is developing a platform to enable fast, secure, contextual and conditional money movement between individuals and businesses across the globe. CEO:  Suresh Ramamurthi

Artiman | Xambala

"Occupy Wall Street" meets "Revenge of The Nerds". The old way of doing things on Wall Street has passed. We don't just talk about it, we are actively changing the system from within. We develop cutting edge networking and computing technologies that allow us to respond quickly as the market changes and provide the most competitive quotes. We find ways of making markets more efficient, code it into our algorithms, and let our machines do the trading. Our mission is to drive fair, open, and...

Artiman | Virsec

Virsec Systems combines deep expertise and breakthrough capabilities to protect high-value data sets. Co-Founder & COO:  Ray DeMeo  

Artiman | Tonbo Imaging

Tonbo Imaging leverages innovative designs in micro-optics, lower power electronics and real-time vision processing to design imaging systems for real world applications. Traditional systems across different imaging spectrums have relied on a single aperture principle with the burden of image formation placed excessively on the optics. Tonbo's technology balances front end analog processing with sophisticated digital image processing to support the realization of light weight, low power imaging...

Artiman | Runnable

Runnable is a "sandbox as a service" for developers to run and test code in a browser. The platform can run not just code snippets but entire multi-tier applications using containers as a back-end. CEO/Engineer:  Yash Kumar  

Artiman | Prysm

Prysm is focused on highly efficient, eco-friendly digital display solutions that outlast and outperform conventional alternatives, offer a lower cost of ownership, deliver life-like and life-sized experiences, and provide unmatched viewing angles. Powered by innovative LPD technology, Prysm understands that better displays need to be freeform and flexible while having brilliant picture quality, low cost of ownership and longer lasting shelf life. That's why we created a suite of solutions that...

Artiman | Pavilion Data Systems

Powering Next Generation Datacenters    CEO:  Kiran Malwankar   CTO/Co-Founder:  VR Satish

Artiman | OncoStem Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.

OncoStem Diagnostics Private Limited is Mauritius incorporation with subsidiaries in India and US.  It is founded by Cell Biology veteran with significant experience in US, Singapore and India in cancer biology & cancer drug discovery.  Of the many challenges in medicine, none has experienced more hard-fought progress than the treatment and cure of cancer. ‘Recurrence’ of cancer is still the single most feared feature of cancer by the patients and oncologists since it is often the cause of...

Artiman | Niron

Niron is developing an entirely new magnetic material that will transform motors, generators, sensors and actuators – all the machines that use permanent magnets. A modern automobile, for example, has more than 100 motors in it. This is the first significant advance in magnetic materials since the 1980s.   CEO: Frank Thibodeau

Artiman |

Providing holistic solutions to consumers by simplifying procurement of materials, products & services. CEO:  TGC Prasad

Artiman | Mossey Creek Technologies

Material science company in stealth. CEO/CTO:  John Carberry    

Artiman | medECUBE

medECUBE is an asset-less healthcare company that helps patients seek the right care, at the right place and at the right cost.  medECUBE, recognizes that accessing good quality healthcare is a complex undertaking and it aims to help patients navigate this difficult terrain.    medECUBE aims to leverage existing healthcare expertise and infrastructure to help patient’s access quality healthcare in different parts of the world.   Founder: Dr. Dilpreet Brar

Artiman | Kaybus

 Enterprise SAAS Knowledge  Automation. CEO & Founder: Seenu Banda

Artiman | Invensense

InvenSense solutions are comprised of an integrated circuit (IC) that incorporates motion sensors with associated software and are differentiated by their small form factor, high level of integration, performance, reliability and cost effectiveness. While our solutions have broad applicability, we currently target consumer electronics applications such as console and portable video gaming devices, handset and tablet devices, digital still and video cameras, digital television and set-top box...

Artiman | HomeUnion

HomeUnion is a leading online marketplace for trusted hands-free real estate 
investing. Investors get access to fully managed properties sourced through HomeUnion’s extensive due diligence process and personalized to their financial requirements from select ‘cash flow locations’ around the country. The company is pioneering a ‘stock market’ like secure and flexible way of remote real estate investing. Investors seeking fixed income can truly diversify from the market by investing in HomeUnion-...

Artiman | Guavus

Guavus solves the world's most complex data problems. Proven across Fortune 500 enterprises, Guavus provides the only operational intelligence platform that delivers an end-to-end, real-time view across business operations. The Guavus Reflex® operational intelligence platform correlates and analyzes massive petabytes of streaming and stored business, operational and sensor data from multiple, disparate source systems in real-time. The resulting "live" operational analytics are fed into a new...

Artiman | Crossbar

Crossbar provides scalable, 3D, low cost mass storage technology by replacing NAND-Flash and providing a disruptive technology which will reverse NAND-Flash performance and reliability degradation at advanced technology nodes.  Our Next Generation Nonvolatile 3D Memory Platform features best-in-class 3D non-volatile memory, simple structure/material and stacked memory layers enabled by intrinsic diode within each cell, supporting both code execution & data storage in all memory segments:...

Artiman | CORE Diagnostics

A global network of Clinical Laboratories focused on Next Generation Diagnostics for disease stratification and therapy selection. CORE Diagnostics offers the most advanced testing techniques as well as clinical expertise, and aims to become the destination for all your high-end diagnostic needs. Founder: Zoya Brar (Managing Director, India) CEO: K. Balachandran

Artiman | Click Diagnostics

Answers at HandFounder: Adam de la

Artiman | Cellworks

Cellworks is a California incorporated life sciences labless company with R & D footprint in Bangalore. The company's design approach and methodology is a paradigm shift from conventional discovery approaches. This novel and predictive technology enables the virtualization of experiments. It allows the emulation of in vitro and in vivo systems under different environment conditions. The quantitative predictive markers are human physiological aligned and have been correlated with cell line...

Artiman | CellMax Life

CellMax is focused on cancer diagnostics. CEO/Co-Founder: Atul Sharan Co-Founder: Ying Chih Chang

Artiman | CardioDx

CardioDx is committed to developing clinically validated tests that empower clinicians to better tailor care to individual patients. Focused on coronary artery disease, cardiac arrhythmia, and heart failure, CardioDx is poised to expand patient access and improve healthcare quality and efficiency. We fuse expertise in genomics, biostatistics, and cardiology to develop objective, reproducible tests. In 2010, the company was a winner of the Wall Street Journal’s prestigious Technology Innovation...

Artiman | Aditazz

Aditazz drives quality up and cost down in the Built Environment through innovation and Process Optimization utilizing a new paradigm of Architecture, Engineering, Manufacturing and Assembly (AEMA). Our team has delivered Disruptive Innovation to a wide range of markets and is comprised of experts from the building, healthcare, microchip, automotive, aircraft industries and more. CEO and Founder: Deepak Aatresh

Artiman | Adama Materials

Adama Materials uses proprietary technologies to improve composite materials such as carbon fiber and fiberglass, to increase performance and reduce cost for structures ranging from boats to wind turbines to aircraft, automobiles or bathtubs. CEO: Rob Ferris

Artiman Portfolio - Prior Investments

Artiman Portfolio | Zyme

Zyme is the global leader in the emerging channel data management (CDM) space, empowering the New Smart Channel™, a proven approach to providing visibility and actionable knowledge that manufacturers need to accelerate partner sales and optimize marketing program ROI.

Artiman Portfolio | Yago Systems
Yago Systems

Gigabit Ethernet routing switches.

Acquired by Cabletron Systems, Inc.

Artiman Portfolio | XTRM

XTRM Performance Network

Using modern cloud computing technology, XTRM allows companies to target employees, channel sales and athletes with managed awards and incentive promotions to promote sales and increase brand visibility. XTRM uniquely combines the latest social integration to maximize the brand value of all performance awards for both the company and the recipient. Companies then benefit from cost effective securely managed performance payouts, combined with powerful, targeted social marketing.



Artiman Portfolio | VxTel

Applications specific DSP chips to enable next gen packet networks.

Acquired by Intel Corporation

Artiman Portfolio | Virident Systems
Virident Systems, Inc.

Virident Systems helps enterprises solve the challenge of poor application performance with flash storage solutions.

Acquired by Western Digital Corporation

Artiman Portfolio | Tele Atlas N.V.
Tele Atlas N.V.

Tele Atlas delivers digital maps and other dynamic content for navigation and location-based services, including personal and in-car navigation systems, and provides data used in a wide range of mobile and Internet map applications.

Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Public Offering, 2005 Acquired by TomTom, 2008

Artiman Portfolio | Teknovus

Teknovus was a fabless semiconductor and software solutions company that developed and supplied access chips and embedded software for the FTTxmarket.

Petaluma, CA
Acquired by Broadcom, 2010

Artiman Portfolio | Tavant Technologies
Tavant Technologies

Software services and platform company.

Acquired by Ameriquest Mortgage Co.

Artiman Portfolio | SigmaTel

Application focused mixed signal & analog IC's


Artiman Portfolio | Ortiva Wireless
Ortiva Wireless

Ortiva Wireless offers the industry’s most advanced commercial solutions for proactive management of mobile video.

Acquired by Allot Communications Ltd.

Artiman Portfolio | OpSource

OpSource provides cloud and managed hosting solutions that enable businesses to accelerate growth and scale operations while controlling costs and reducing IT infrastructure support risks.

Acquired by Dimension Data Holdings PLC

Artiman Portfolio | Netscaler

Application Acceleration equipment.

Acquired by Citrix Systems, Inc.

Artiman Portfolio | Nethra Imaging
Nethra Imaging

Nethra Imaging is a semiconductor and systems company focused on delivering video and imaging solutions across the entire signal chain.

Acquired by Imagination Technologies PLC

Artiman Portfolio | Matrix Semiconductor
Matrix Semiconductor

One-time programmable memory for consumer devices.

Acquired by SanDisk Corporation

Artiman Portfolio | Maker Communications
Maker Communications

ATM data communication silicon.


Artiman Portfolio | Magma Design Automation
Magma Design Automation

Magma Design Automation- EDA Software.


Artiman Portfolio | LogLogic

LogLogic developed the first appliance-based log management platform. LogLogic’s products are used by many of the world’s largest enterprises to rapidly identify and alert on compliance violations, policy braches, cyber attacks, and insider threats.

Acquired by TIBCO

Artiman Portfolio | Lightwire

Lightwire delivers efficient integration of optical and electrical solutions which will power the next generation of high speed interconnects using CMOS photonics technology.

Acquired by Cisco Systems, Inc.

Artiman Portfolio | Lara Networks
Lara Networks

Network Application Accelerators.

Acquired by Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

Artiman Portfolio | Kasenna

Gateway & end-to-end software platforms & applications for broadband.

Acquired by Espial Group, Inc.

Artiman Portfolio | Jungo Ltd.
Jungo Ltd.

IP based video streaming & media content management platform.

Acquired by NDS Group PLC

Artiman Portfolio | Internet Photonics
Internet Photonics

Internet Photonics developed carrier-grade optical Ethernet transport and switching solutions.

Acquired by Ciena

Artiman Portfolio | InfoVista S.A.
InfoVista S.A.

Service assurance software solutions


Artiman Portfolio | iManage

Collaborative content management.


Artiman Portfolio | Ikanos Communications
Ikanos Communications

Silicon solutions delivering fiber-fast broadband access over existing copper wiring.


Artiman Portfolio | Five9


Five9 is a leading provider of cloud contact center software, bringing the power of the cloud to thousands of customers and facilitating more than three billion customer interactions annually.

Artiman Portfolio | Everest Design Automation
Everest Design Automation

Shape-based, top level routing tech.

Acquired by Synopsys, Inc.

Artiman Portfolio | Digital Jones (fka
Digital Jones (fka

Online shopping cart.

Acquired by Dealtime, Inc.

Artiman Portfolio | Closedloop Solutions
Closedloop Solutions

Enterprise financial planning and forecasting.

Acquired by Lawson Software, Inc.

Artiman Portfolio | Catamaran Communications
Catamaran Communications

Sonet silicon solutions.

Acquired by Infineon Technologies, Inc.

Artiman Portfolio | Calix

Calix is a provider of broadband communications access systems and software for fiber- and copper-based network architectures that enable communications service providers to connect to their residential and business subscribers.

Petaluma, CA
NYSE: CALX, March 2010

Artiman Portfolio | BioImagene

BioImagene provides digital pathology solutions for clinical diagnostics and drug discovery applications.

Acquired by Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.

Artiman Portfolio | Airwide Solutions
Airwide Solutions

A global leader providing mobile infrastructure software to enable, enhance and ensure mobile communications for over 70 wireless operators worldwide.

Acquired by Mavenir Systems, Inc.