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Partnering for the Long Haul

Partnering for the
Long Haul

We help build great companies, not just create a product or a quick flip. We take a long-term view on partnering with our entrepreneurs to get there - from early concept and startup to scaling up and beyond.

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Cross-disciplinary Synergies


Our entrepreneurs launch game-changing companies by pattern-matching experience, innovations, and best practices from one industry and applying them to another. Others have created disruptive combinations of technologies and innovations from one sector and delivered them into another.

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We partner with world class teams 
to build great companies, not products or flips

We've Been There Ourselves

We've Been There

Startups aren't easy - they're emotional roller coasters full of unpredictable twists and turns. Sometimes even "good problems" that come with rapid growth are challenging. We've all been there - Artiman's partners are all former operating executives and entrepreneurs with advanced technical degrees.

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We Love Hard Science & Technology

We Love Hard Science
& Technology

Some of the most exciting disruptions come from technologies in the "ampersand" in R&D - proven research that hasn't yet been commercialized. All our partners have degrees in science and technology, and many of our investments started as concept or seed stage projects.

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We Help Build Your Network & Ecosystems

We Help Build Your
Network & Ecosystems

Creating or disrupting huge markets also involves creating, coopting or disrupting existing value chains and ecosystems. We work proactively to build the targeted and eclectic network of partners that can help build, grow, or extend your business.

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